Backyard Ramp Tee (Coral)


Image of Backyard Ramp Tee (Coral)

All my life I have wanted a back yard half-pipe! I just can't imagine anything better. Hit it before and after school, all-day and all-night sessions on the weekends, and even before and after work!

That's what I would do...

I don't really have a yard, but I am very lucky to have access to 2 backyard ramps! But can you imagine how fun it would be to really get to know a ramp. Regardless, we made this shirt for all of those who love the backyard vibe. Ramp or not, beach or not, palm-trees or not, this shirt is for all of you!

All our cotton shirts and tanks are printed by hand right here on Oahu.


Image of Backyard Ramp Tee (Coral)